In a world where cover bands are far too plentiful, dj’s rule the club scene, and television passes for entertainment at a bar, comes a band that reminds us what we love about live music. Familiar yet fresh, the never-ending mashups brought forth by the Hotties whip the crowd into a quivering dance party from the window to the walls. Boisterous enough for the bar, crisp enough for corporate events and wild enough for your wedding.


keith pocket hotties

Keith (aka Touch)

is a multi-instrumentalist, producer, composer, performer whose music has regularly been used on television networks such as MTV, FUEL and VH-1. He has also contributed his talents to several independent films that have been featured in the festivals SXSW, Cannes, and Sundance. Working in the studio with artists from Beanie Sigel to Tom Tom Club, he has performed in venues like Fox Theater (Boulder), Madison Square Garden Theater, and Palace Theater (Stamford) with the likes of Run DMC, Talib Kweli, and John Legend.


cristyn pocket hotties


can be found laying it down on the synthesiser, shaking some percussion or even playing the flute, all while tap dancing and rapid-firing one-thousand word raps like a boss. Performing with the likes of The Stepkids, Pete Francis (Dispatch), Sketch Tha Cataclysm, and Big Moon, her talents make her the one that steals the show at karaoke night and have taken her to the most prestigious stages around. Cristyn and John started as the suave duo, Separate/Incidents, and she is also Keith’s go-to session vocalist in the studio. Cristyn’s voice is what makes them say Pocket Hotties “are better than the original.”


john pocket hotties

John Pioli

is a multi-instrumentalist, composer/performer, and in-demand musician-for-hire. Attention to detail, enthusiasm (let us repeat that) ENTHUSIASM, precision, and artistic license have put Pioli on stage and in the studio with many artists and music collectives, including Big Moon, Talking To Walls, Cosmic Jibaros, Nardy Boy, Charlie Karp, Billy & The Barfights, Tony Reno Band, Ada Pasternak, Xenosis, and Tim Walsh (The Stepkids).


larry pocket hotties


became one of the founding members of Bridgeport’s premiere hard rock band Big Moon in 1997. Larry has graced the stage at Gathering of the Vibes and has played with other rock and soul heroes such as Button Down Mafia, Darian Cunning and supported such acts as Vertical Horizon, Jimmie’s Chicken Shack, The Toasters and Ballyhoo! Besides being a pillar of the prestigious Acoustic in Black Rock, Larry also instructs at School of Rock molding the minds of today’s youth to ensure that the power of rock lives on.